Mel Wilkinson Counselling

Short Course in Meditation.

Meditation has proven benefits for our health, calmness, sense of perspective and quality of our lives.   This short course will include instruction in general meditation practice as well as introducing a specific sequence of meditations designed for healing the relationship with our own emotions, thoughts and feelings.   We will explore a roadmap leading to a posture that embodies greater peace of mind and moves away from all forms of depression, anxiety and stress.

A supportive and relaxed approach with time for some chat, as well the occasional coffee, makes this group ideal for beginners and the more experienced alike.

The course is being presented by John Dykes and first introductory meditation is on Wednesday 13th June from 9:00am. to 10:15am.  Throughout June the group will meet weekly at the 52 High Street, Thornbury.  From July the group will move to the Chantry, Castle Street, Thornbury.  Do come and find out more as all are welcome!


Transformation Balancing is an advanced psychological kinesiology (APK).  It works with pinpoint accuracy to heal patterns from the past and resolve stucknesses in the present.  This transforms negative core beliefs, unblocks the flow of your life, and restores you onto a more positive path. 

Working with great respect at the deepest level this is possibly the closest thing to magic you might ever encounter. One session per specific issue is usually all that is required and sessions are 1 - 1ΒΌ hours long.

To book a session with John Dykes drop in at the No.52 High Street, Thornbury on Saturday 16th June any time between 2:30 and 3:15pm to a free open enquiry meeting to find out more.  John Dykes is also contactable through email at

Embodying a Path of Meditation  (with John Dykes)


This training is designed to support therapists by empowering a stronger and more creative embodied posture in the therapist.  This posture then facilitates working in the 'creative void' and immunises against 'empathy fatigue'. 

One full day - Sunday 16th September, 2018  (+ optional extra half day [FREE] on Sun. 9th Sept.)


The training will;


                >              introduce and explore a specifically targeted sequence of somatic meditations and practices.

                >              offer a path of healing for the relationship with our own emotions, thoughts and feelings.

                >             move through the foothills of Beisser's Paradox of Change, Karpman's Victim Triangle and                                 

                                Buber's I/Thou meeting to a place where all three become instinctively one viewpoint.

                >              set the work of therapy, and the function of meditation, against a 5-symbol roadmap of the

                                path into and out of suffering.

                >              explore the power, practice, and beneficial effects of moving from an empathy based practice                                        

                                towards compassion based practice.

                >              consider the correct etiquette when offering creative experimentation.

                >              solve the koan of the 'Goose in the Bottle'.

John Dykes was previously a Samaritan (and trainer of Samaritans) for over 12 years and then trained and worked as a Gestaltist.  He continues to study an obscure and mysterious form of aikido (over 30 years) and now delivers trainings in working with suicidal clients and in Gestalt creative experimentation.

This course should be a lot of fun and gives an opportunity to meet and form as a group with others enquiring in the same manner.  The course in being run in or near Thornbury (BS35)

Optional EXTRA half-day   -   Sun. 9th September:           an introduction to meditation and a teaching of

2:00pm - 4:30pm. - FREE!!                                            some of the meditations and practices.              


TRAINING DAY [full day]    -  Sun. 16th September:       the meditations will be taught again within the

10:00am - 4:30pm.                                                         context of therapeutic practice.


For further details and booking infromation please email John Dykes at  (If the dates don't suit please still email to express an interest! )