Mel Wilkinson Counselling


 Some comments from my clients:

"Mel has a way about her that makes it easy to talk to her. She helped me see my life as it really was. It was as though she was holding up a mirror for me. I was able to realise that I didn't want it to be as it was and so I wanted to try and change it"


"I felt that Mel was not judging me in any way, and that I could say anything to her - be myself, something I haven't been doing." 


"When I came to counselling I didn't know what to expect, but Mel really listened to me and for once I felt heard by someone"


"Counselling is great. It is like my own special "ME time" when I get to talk about me and how I really feel about things"


"After coming to see Mel every week, I felt stronger and more in charge of my life. I looked forward to our sessions"